Building Engineer

Mountain View, CA

Facilities Management 04 Mar 2013


This position is expected to support the Assistant and/or Chief Engineer in the day-to-day maintenance, repair, and efficient operation of all building systems and equipment. The engineer will be expected to coordinate and complete all requests for work, assign priorities, delegate to appropriate contractor, if required, and follow-up on completion. In particular, the Engineer will be expected to perform routine maintenance and repairs of all HVAC, boiler, heating, refrigeration, water, and energy systems to ensure the effective operation of the facility. This is a non-supervisory position.



Minimum of 2 to 4 years of experience in commercial building operations and maintenance

Experience in operation, maintenance and basic repair of HVAC, boilers, heaters, pumps, refrigerant systems, compressors, gas lines, water systems, and the like

Knowledgeable in energy management systems, techniques, and operations

Thorough knowledge in all building systems operations, maintenance, and repair

Excellent interpersonal skills in dealing with tenants, clients, and vendors

Possess any permits or licenses required by law or code (e.g., refrigeration license, etc.)



Operation, maintenance, and repair of all boilers, heaters, pumps, valves, appurtenances and lines used in the distribution of steam and heated or processed water

Operation, maintenance, and repair of refrigerant compressors, condensers, evaporators, traps, transfer pumps, expansion valves, stop valves, float valves, together with all refrigerant lines and devices used to control temperature, and air conditioning systems in their entirety

Operation, maintenance, and repair of pumps handling water or other secondary refrigerating liquids together with all valves, appurtenances and lines used in the system

Operation, maintenance, and repair of air compressors, together with distribution lines and all valves and devices for air control

Operation, maintenance, and repair of all natural manufactured gas distribution lines, including al lvalves and control devices

Operation, mainteance, and repair of all natural and manufactured gas distribution lines, including all valves and control devices

Operation, maintenance, and repair of water filters, softeners, piping and pumps used in conjunction with water distribution, including all sinks and toilet bowls, including all supply lines, drains, water lines, control devices and sprinkler systems

Operation, maintenance, and repairs of all types of electrical motors and engines used to power pumps, compressors, and fans

Maintenance of elevators except where this type of equipment is serviced and maintained by specialized contractors

Operation, maintenance, and repair of building automation systems for HVAC, including consoles data gathering panels, remote sensors and indicating devices

Operation, maintenance, and repair of sanitary sewer systems, sump pumps, including basins, water closets, urinals, and piping

Maintance and repair of trash compactors, including electrical and hydraulic systems

Maintenance and repair of all kitchen equipment excluding tenant owned equipment

General maintenance may include but not limited to:

Repairs on toilet facilities including soap dispensers

Repairs on registers and radiators

Replacement of lamps and cleaning of light fixtures

Removing ceiling tile

Minor repairs on furniture and floors

Maintaining and/or replacing door hardware

Repair of floor maintenance equipment and Venetian blinds

Maintenance painting in equipment rooms, cooling tower, and other building facilities

Asist in the replacement of filters in the HVAC equipment

General cleaning in mechanical spaces and perimeter inductions units

Cleanup of equipment in engine room and shop

Miscellaneous handyman work requiring the limited use of hand tools

Replace fire extinguishers when needed